Hive, 2014

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This month I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Cambridge Sustainability Residency along with a group of other artists, designers and architects. At the end of the two week residency we put on an exhibition – Quid Pro … Continue reading

Visiting the Bees

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Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to visit Buckfast Abbey and meet head beekeeper Clare Densley. She was kind enough to let me jump in a beekeepers suit and join her when she visited the hives; a special … Continue reading

Tentacle Box

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Following some painting experiments, I decided to refurbish a dull wooden box. Here’s the outcome in paint and ink.

Tentacle experiments

I decided to mess around with a bit of painting today, figuring out the colours for a little project I’ve been working on (photos soon!). They’re messy – mixed media. Ink and watercolour. Lots of fun 🙂

Post-Apocalypsi: Insecta Vincere, 2013

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Mixed media including beeswax, resin, das, acrylic, and found insects. In a post-apocalyptic world following a nuclear disaster, the insects conquer. Without the insect kingdom, life as we know it would cease to exist. I am interested in the relationship … Continue reading

More shots from the Entomology lab

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Thought I’d share some more photos I’ve taken whilst spending time in the Entomology lab earlier this year. This set are taken through the lens of a microscope.